Aesthetically Driven Scientific Visualization

About Nascent

Nascent is a boutique medical animation studio which specializes in producing cinematic scientific visualizations for pharmaceutical & educational industries.
Our focus is simple: Translate the complexity of your story through an aesthetically driven approach, where both accuracy & beauty can take center stage.


1. Consultation

Discussing the scope of your project. Here we will form a foundation to move forward, determine overall client goals for the intended audience, establish the desired aesthetic, and discuss budget restrictions.

2. Storyboarding

Where your animation is born. The storyboard is meant to quickly translate the project's script into simple & easy to follow visual milestones. By establishing key characters and camera shots, we can move smoothly into the modeling phase of the project.

3. Modeling

What was on paper can now come to life in 3D.
We take the building blocks of the story and begin to create bespoke 3D objects. As we refine the models per the client's direction, we will also begin to create the color-ways and textures for each individual model.

4. Rough Pass Animation

The basic elements of your story in motion.
Once all models are approved, we will start animating each scene using the storyboards and script as guidelines. A "rough pass" animation will be created to ensure that timing & basic camera moves are correct. If a voice-over track is required and available, it will be incorporated here.

5. Production

Fine-tuning. Texturing & lighting finalized.
Now that we've finalized all of the animated elements in each scene, we will refine the textures and lighting to really bring your story to life. This is the phase of the project where we render out each scene on a dedicated render farm.

6. Rendering & Post Production

Your finished product. Upon approval, each rendered scene will be given the final touches in post-production. Color correction, additional visual effects, and sound mixing are a few of the key steps we'll cover during this phase. Lastly, the entire project will be exported and delivered in the size and format required.


We are able to handle any stage of the production process; below are three examples of the most common types of projects we are tasked with. If you would like to chat about pricing, or just ask a few questions about how we can help you, we would be more than happy to discuss your ideas with you.

Full-Page 3D Illustration


  • Up to three rounds of revisions
  • Digital delivery of Project
3D Animation Only


  • Up to three rounds of revisions
  • Storyboarding
  • Rendering Services
  • Basic Compositing Work
  • Digital delivery of project
Full MOA


  • Up to five rounds of revisions
  • Storyboarding
  • Voice-Over Services
  • Music/Soundtrack Services
  • Rendering Services
  • Full Compositing & Post-Effects
  • Digital & Physical delivery of Project